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Recurring Residential and Office Cleaning Services

What if you could spend more time sleeping?

Maybe, spend more time entertaining family and guests?

A 9-5 job can SAP you of energy or limit your ability and availability to enjoy family or sleep.

Some use home cleaning services in order to maintain their independence.

House cleaning helps the less mobile and dependent, more independent.

And then, there is this.

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Employees and Office Managers do not necessarily want to spend extra time before or after work administering their own housekeeping.

Professional cleaning companies ensure businesses have products and toiletries on hand and ready for use. Janitorial services will free up personnel to concentrate on productive and profitable activities that directly affect the goals and vision of the organization.

Leaving a good impression, staying healthy, saving time, energy and money are the foundation of home cleaning services and janitorial services.

Think we are exaggerating?


Types of Scheduled Cleaning

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House cleaners come once a month to conduct a general clean of the domicile.


House cleaners come once every two weeks to conduct a general clean of the domicile.


House cleaners come once a week to conduct a general clean of the domicile.


Office work is typically done by contract and require a different service timing in order to maintain the premises.

This also includes locking and securing office buildings upon entering and exiting the establishment.

What's Included in Recurring Cleaning Services?

Scheduled cleaning services are general cleans only. House cleaners are typically tasked with the general upkeep of any home or office.


Remember, deeper cleaning solutions can be used as an add-on at any time. This allows for  low cost maintenance, while saving any deeper service for when the time arrives and is necessary to preserve the health, sanitation and hygiene of the family or domicile.

Janitorial services for commercial application assume the same guidelines. At anytime a firm can request to have deeper janitorial cleaning services performed i.e., kitchen / restroom cabinets breakroom refrigerator.


Thank you for your patience, as we intend to add carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing to list of service we provide here at the Adorable House Cleaning Company.

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