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Keep It Simple Sutpid! (K.I.S.S.)

The first thing the Adorable House Cleaning Company can do, is ensure the services are easy-to-use.

From the phone call or request form, to the day of the scheduled cleaning, the customer is updated of any changes and is given a friendly reminder to ensure the cleaning services are still to be given.

We strive towards process and perseverance to generate fast cleaning times with quality outcomes every time.

Bear with me , you're not going to want to miss what I say next!

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This type of clean we see used in a few different ways. In some lease contracts is requires the resident to provide an adequate clean of the premises, before you return the keys to the office. Some customers like to have a thorough clean before they move in. Realtors and investors need cleaning services in preparation for showings or even after a remodel.

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You can find this useful when a Deep Clean does not go deep enough.  You really cannot get any deeper.

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Really take the notch up with this cleaning package! Open the house up and enjoy a fresher, cozier home. Don't just clean your bathtub, clean your bottles too. If it can be safely cleaned with two hands and within reach, Adorable House cleaner's make sure to include it.

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Do not waste the opportunity to take advantage of season cleaning. There is indeed a change of living conditions after being buttoned for several of the colder months. One of the best effects of spring cleaning services is the increase of air quality.

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These are your recurring cleanings i.e., Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, One-time. These are general cleans. It does not include items seen in deeper cleaning packages for instance high-dusting and windows

Greeting Your House Cleaners

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Adorable House cleaners typically meet the customer at the door after a few knocks.

We believe that first impressions are paramount. So, we aim for a clean appearance, properly uniformed to help you identify them, informative and courteous.  

Staging Your Home Cleaning Service

So what's next?

The cleaner would stage a designated area for their bulk of their tools. Typically, the foyer is used for this reason, so it would be suggested to have this space clear

The Adorable House cleaners then familiarize themselves with the property and develop a cleaning strategy that best suits that home.

And then there's this.

Conducting Quality Housekeeping 

This is the hardest part.

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The base process we use and the methods we use to clean your home never change

Using the same proven methods of cleaning according to what we are cleaning is the best way we can provide an accurate clean, as timely as possible.

Sounds easy enough. But,

Your housekeepers perform a very tedious task that require attention to detail at all times.

Do not forget to take care of your house cleaners, tips really help these cleaners a lot!

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