COVID -19 and Pandemic Preparedness

Adorable House is happy to have represented our industry at the 2020 CIRI Science Symposium this past Spring . Basically, it’s COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness training. We have revamped our cleaning services and techniques to deal with the present challenge, and to ensure that our company can be used during global risk events.


Thus far, our clients have found peace of mind knowing that we have processes in place to handle the current crises our community is experiencing. You will notice a change in equipment we use, as well as service practices.


Adorable House will also be continuing it's training with leaders in the field of Bio-risk Assessments and Response to ensure we can tackle high risk projects. This means a modification of tools, products and cleaning / disinfecting procedures. As of now, Adorable House is not an accredited GBAC STAR Facility. However, it is our goal to reach this level of professionalism and provide newer and innovative service segments at an affordable price.



This respiratory virus is the 7th Coronavirus to infect humans. Of the other six, four
are cold viruses (OC43, HKU1, 229E, NL63), and the other two have caused widespread
epidemics: SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus in 2003 and MERS (Middle
Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) virus in 2012. Both SARS and MERS originated in wild animals
in Asia and the Middle East respectively, mutated and jumped to humans, and were able to
continue sustained human to human transmission, resulting in severe lung disease. With both
viruses, those most affected were those in close contact with persons exhibiting serious illness.
SARS had a case-fatality rate of 15%, while MERS rose to 35%. Similarly, COVID-19 emerged
from animals and jumped to humans, with sustained person-to-person transmission, in the fall of
2019 in China.


Genetically, COVID-19 is closely related to the SARS virus, and almost identical to some
animal coronaviruses. It is an enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus, 60-120 nm in diameter, and
very efficient at replication inside human lung epithelium cells, especially in the alveolar region
deep in the lungs, producing mild to severe respiratory disease, to include fatal pneumonia.


All Coronaviruses, while having unique characteristics, share susceptibility to disinfectants in a similar manner. Structurally, the virus has a lipid envelope that is not very protective and renders the virus susceptible to detergents, disinfectants and santiziers.

In this respect, once the virus is deemed present and in enough concentrated amount to cause harm, special detergents and disinfectants can reduce the level of  infection greatly with simple and repeatable cleaning and disinfection methods.


The incubation period from infection to disease symptoms is 2-7 days, with some
persons exhibiting a longer timeframe, perhaps up to 14 days. COVID-19 disease symptoms
include fever (85-90%), dry cough (65-70%), fatigue (35-40%), sputum production (30-35%), and
shortness of breath (15-20%). In some individuals, illness may progress to serious disease with
extreme shortness of breath, severe chest symptoms, and pneumonia in both lungs. The casefatality
rate, based upon confirmed cases and deaths appears to be ~4-5%. Also, some infected
individuals may remain asymptomatic, showing no symptoms, and never become ill. Others may
show only mild symptoms, seek no medical help, and fully recover. With both of these groups,
there is insufficient data to determine how many of such persons may transmit the virus to others.
With those persons who show significant symptoms and seek medical help, it is presumed that
each will infect 2-4 other people with whom they come in close contact.

What are we doing differently?

First we start with use good hand hygiene practices, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and ensuring we do not touch our face while performing any cleaning and disinfecting tasks. This will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our crew and between occupancies, whether they are offices or residential dwellings. As with all cleaning and maintenance operation use good hand hygiene and common sense. We use alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon doffing protective gloves and wash our hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds especially after removing gloves. 

All disinfection products we use are List N: Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Adorable House has developed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance policies, enacted and enforced with prejudice. We have also created risk evaluations that allow our crews to respond with proper PPE levels and cleaning methodology. It is not enough to have cleaning products able to handle airborne infectious diseases alone. The methodology of cleaning is arguably more important that having products with capability of  reducing infection levels. It would not be practical to be full donned in maximum level protective gear, which includes full face respirators and chemical gloves if the levels of contamination are not an immediate threat. Nor would it be wise to clean and disinfect at the same time risking the cross contamination of cleaning and disinfecting tools or areas of occupancy. Cleaning and disinfecting process, must be specific to the totality of circumstances.

All cleaning equipment are cleaned according to manufacturer daily, weekly, and monthly service maintenance, schedules and procedures. Any and all parts of the equipment that come in direct contact with surfaces are disinfected to include power cords.

All areas that are known to be contaminated with the virus and/or were occupied by a person with COVID-19 use vacuums with high efficiency filters (HEPA) that contain and trap the virus. The proper respiratory protection should be a N95 or better.

Finally, any waste that is generated as part of the commercial operation and maintenance is to be assessed and disposed of based on local hazards waste regulations. 

We understand that COVID-19 has created a number of inconvenient obstacles in our daily lives. Professional house cleaning does not have to be one of them. Call us now for free quote!

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