Recurring Cleaning

There aren't any contracts binding customers into our services. We believe that our consistent quality, customer service, work ethic and cleaning results keep customers coming back.  Recurring Cleanings mean frequent maintenance and care of materials inside the home. Interior of the microwave and restocking of toilet paper.  The more frequent your cleaning schedule, the lower the cost of service. All prices for recurring cleanings are discounted for frequency of use. And, we also offer Senior, First Responder and Military Discounts. Add on Services are available at any time to complement various needs of our customers.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule 

Adorable Housekeepers will visit your home once a month to conduct a General Cleaning. All items on the Adorable Checklist are included and completed with in a timely manner. Typically, used by those who are neater and tidier than the average bear, yet still require a little help. A great way to obtain assistance and keep the cleaning costs minimal.

Take advantage of our 24 Hr. Assurance Policy, when any Recurring Clean is preceded by a Deep Cleaning and then every clean after.

Bi-weekly Cleaning Schedule

Typically, these cleans are for busy bodied households, home based business or homes with special needs conducted every two weeks. A more frequent General Clean is conducted in a timely manner according to the Adorable House Checklist.  Prices are discounted for frequency to help hedge costs associated with hiring Adorable Housekeepers. Call now to request a free quote or schedule a callback!


Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Weekly cleanings are for those who requires a high level of assistance for multitude of reasons. Some could be health related, business related or just to upkeep their standard of living. A weekly cleaning schedule is discounted for frequency to maintain an affordable, easy-to-use home cleaning service model. Use the Adorable Checklist to view the items included in your weekly clean.

It is very important for us to hear your feedback and to know what are the things you will like us to do better in your home, that way we can customized our cleaning services to your necessities. you can always give us a call (972) 767-5908 and help us give you the cleaning services you deserve. 

Our Contract Is Your Satisfaction!!!