Post Construction Cleaning

Hopefully, your construction crew has already conducted a basic cleanup after project completion. This allows us to move in and get down to business.

Commercial and Residential Post Construction cleaning involve similar tasks. Both environments are typically overwhelmed in dust from construction, while other insoluble soils are drug in from the outside. Other elements that may be present could include saw dust, adhesive from tape or removal of plastic construction film.


Therefore, the immediate goal would be to collect and remove all dust particles from walls, floors, doors, fans, and any other surface that has good characteristics for collecting dust i.e., edges, lips, and corners. All tape holding construction film is removed and discarded. Larger particles are vacuumed away leaving floors exposing remaining soils.

Post construction cleaning typically requires a different level of care for floor surfaces. Adorable Housekeepers may need to apply value added tools to wood, stone and tile to guarantee a clean experience.

Air filters are checked for quality and interior windows are thoroughly cleaned. Carpets are inspected for construction materials, insoluble soils or any other particulate that could compromise the carpet fibers.

Outside of having professional grade equipment and detergents, Adorable Housekeepers apply a high-grade cleaning process that ensures a quality clean every time.

Adorable House has a responsibility to maintaining the health and safety of our housekeepers. For this reason, we ensure all our employees are well equipped with proper tool knowledge and follow a strict Personal Protection Protocol. This means the right equipment for the right environment with the knowledge on donning and doffing, cleaning, and limitations of the protective equipment.

24 Hour Assurance


Still Dirty? Call us within 24 hours and we will return to the property to clean what we missed!


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Real Estate And Investor Friendly Cleaning

Adorable House Cleaning is both Realtor and Investor Friendly. Our Housekeepers and Carpet Cleaning have help to prepare several properties to serviceable conditions ready for show. 

For 5 years now, realtors in the the N. Dallas area have held our cleaning services in high regard and frequently refer us to their sellers. Sellers typically use us for the house they buy. Investors use us for house they flip.

"Let me start by saying how awesome this company truly is! I called and spoke with the owner. I had a very unique situation, I needed to have a home cleaned that same day for a funeral and family coming in to town. I knew nothing about the home. When I spoke with Joe, he asked me about the house, how big, what needed to be cleaned, if they needed to bring their own supplies, etc, and I had no answers for him. I explained to him the full situation, he understood and went to the house himself to see what needed to be done. He called and texted me throughout the day and told me they would have it done that afternoon. He sent me the invoice and I was very pleasantly surprised at the price that he gave me. I would have paid anything at that point to have this very important task done that day, but Joe didn't take advantage of that. He actually gave a discount!! To go above and beyond, he left a card and teddy bear for the sweet widow. I am in real estate and I will use this company again for referrals and my own home. I can't say enough good about them! Thank you so much for doing good work and actually caring about people and doing the right thing!"

-Tricha Wheeler (Real Estate Agent)