Carpet Deodorization

Dealing with Odors can be both a frustrating and rewarding experience. Sometimes users just want a simple deodorizer to provide a fresh scent to a desired area. However, sometimes we also encounter more complex situations that involves pet waste or even death.


Professional cleaners must be able to conceptualize odors and fight what they cannot see. Odors are created by a series of reactions on one substance or another that release vapors in the air in form of gases. These gases are released into the home, travel through air vents, absorb into porous materials and stick to the surfaces of your living or work space. Adorable Carpet Cleaners assess sources or contaminated materials, remove these sources of odor, clean, sanitize or disinfect and return the area to operational or living standards


Post-Treatment Deodorization

Adorable House offers post-treatment deodorants after regular carpet cleanings have been conducted. We spray products at the end of the cleaning process, that further encapsulate the odor causing materials, and break them down overtime instead of masking the odor with another smell. Carpet deodorizers are not a replacement for removal of odor sources as particulates may be within the carpet face, backing, padding or sub floor.


This is an easy process and takes no time at all.

Pet Odor Removal

One of the biggest challenges our Odor Control Technicians face are pet dander, pet urine and defection. Urine is a complex body waste that is 95% water, but also carry a number of other biochemicals like Urea, Amino Acids, Ammonia and Alkaline Salts. By the time our Odor Control Technicians arrive, the fresh urine would have evaporated leaving behind Alkaline Salts in the carpet fibers, carpet backings, padding and even onto the subfloor. These salts create Ammonium Sulfate and other like elements producing high levels of odor. The salts will remain unless removed and overtime degrades by constant bio-reactions caused by bacteria.


Locating these sources can sometimes be challenging and require a number of tools. Sometimes physical examination is not possible, unless UV light its used to trace down the hot spots. It may lead to even further discovery efforts by rolling the carpet away from the walls and tack-strips to examine the backings, cushions and subfloor below the naked eye.

Death, Decay and Putrefaction

Sometimes odor causing materials are generated through spoilage of food or death of small animals. Bacteria goes to work to break now the body proteins of small rodents or food proteins releasing gas vapors into the air. We remove these source odors and conduct a through cleaning of the effected areas. Then, once that is accomplished oner or a combination of techniques can be used to neutralize any odors that remain.


Merely spraying an animal like a mouse with deodorized solution will not substitute removing the mouse and cleaning the area causing the odor in the first place. Sometimes after removing the animal and cleaning, some left over odor causing material may have made its way deep into the carpet fibers requiring further protection once the Adorable Odor Control Technician leaves.

The biggest challenge in these situations could be finding the expired animal as they could be trapped under or behind furniture. However, once the source is thrown out, it’s all downhill from there.

These are only a few examples of odors that may be trapped inside of carpet fibers or adsorbed onto the face yarn. There are times when dealing with the same, may not require the using the same odor neutralizing techniques or tactics.


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