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Isn't moving a pain?

Think about how many moving pieces there are, each occurring all at once. If the home is owned, there are more than likely realtors involved.  If the home is leased, there are landlords involved.


And of course.


Logistics, storage, utility changes, kids, pets. Apartments, homes and offices each have their own set demands.

When dealing with a Move Out Cleaning, it is common for us to work with landlords and realtors directly to help ensure the previous tenant’s funk are well removed. This includes apartment cleaning services conducted after a few years of occupancy, home cleaning and small offices preparing for their next lifecycles.

In move out environments we put an emphasis on dust, debris, and other non- water-soluble particulates that are shed or tracked into the home, apartment, or office.

Scientists estimate that the human body is made up of around 10 trillion cells in total. Your skin makes up about 16 percent of your body weight, which means you have roughly 1.6 trillion skin cells. (as shown on BBC Home). 

Roughly a million skin cells are shed in a 24-Hour period, as your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. (as shown in WebMD)


Your carpet is the leading factor of indoor air pollution re-suspension and typically contains most of the non-soluble materials carried in from outside. For this reason, the Move Out Cleaning Services we provide come with an option to remove the soils by means of Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction.

Windows and appliance should be the next areas of concern. If the appliances are not being removed and replaced, a cleaning of appliances would be highly recommended. Windows containing high levels of soils both, soluble and non-soluble. Since blinds are typically removed and replaced, we put more emphasis on the windows themselves. We typically do not offer services for blinds.

Finally, we support the idea of and encourage the changing of indoor air filters. We change these filters for you, so you do not have to. This way dust control measures are reinforced as indoor air quality improves.

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What Is Included in a Move out Cleaning?

Move in / Move out cleaning include:

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