Why Hire Our Cleaning Services?

We specialize in residential & commercial cleaning services, but we also specialize in the treatment of materials i.e., Wood, Stone, Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Brass, etc. When conducting deeper cleaning services, like our Extreme Cleaning / Spring Cleaning and Move-In / Move-Out packages, we ensure to touch these elements of your home to keep it looking new and refined, especially with those that may have the interest to rent or buy your dwelling.

Adorable House Cleaning Company is eco-friendly and sensitive to other health requirements, such as using HEPA Filters in our vacuums to remove and trap allergens, sensitizers, and odor. 

Adorable House Cleaning Company is not trapped in business processes that take short-cuts. We are in an ever-endless quest to remove defects i.e., customer complaints, rework, or any variation outside customer needs. This way we provide a variety of cleaning services and products that are designed around customer requirements and not around fulfilling selfish business goals.

Quality Cleaning & Housekeeping

Quality house cleaning is at the forefront of Adorable House's mission. We are Dallas's residential cleaning service provider with 15 years of professional cleaning experience in a variety of environments, providing quality housekeeping and commercial cleaning. To ensure quality, we make it a critical goal to put our customers first. Quality is not just the quality of the products we use, quality is a fast follow up time, discovering your true needs and expectations, providing a quality cleaning service, excellent customer service, and feedback. This way, the quality of our cleaning service is uniform, consistent, and repeatable.

Professional Staff

The Adorable House Owners / Managers have 15 years of professional cleaning experience in the U.S., Europe and South America. As we strive for a quality experience, our belief is to invest in quality people. Adorable House hires housekeepers that are experienced, vetted through backgrounds checked and are highly reliable to deliver comfort. Our housekeepers strive to attain high a code of ethics, a housekeeper you can trust. 

Affordable Cleaning Services

24 Hour Assurance

Still Dirty? Call us within 24 hours and we will return to the property to clean what we missed!