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Good Housekeeping

Having a clean and vibrant living room just feels good! Cleaning your living room makes hosting guests elementary. A clean living space makes you more productive and relieves stress. Regular cleaning of rugs and carpet reduces indoor pollen that, which in turn contributes to increased mental & physical well-being. Adorable "Housekeepers," clean your living room to your comfort level. Whether it is a general cleaning or deep cleaning.  

Dining rooms are of no exception, seeing how it tends to be yet another area for entertaining our friends and family. Routinely cleaning these common areas can sometimes even compliment the appearance the living room. Our housekeepers perform general cleaning of these areas or provide deep cleaning services as well. Make sure your guest are comfortable. Give them a clean and relaxing place to eat, play games or just hang out!

Oldie But a Goodie

Adorable Tips:

Make a lost and found basket. What house doesn't need one of these? It works great for picking up any room! Centralize the basket so while house cleaning, everyone knows where it is. Even good for small items like game pieces or small screws.

Never again experience the agony of guessing which power chord goes to which device in your entertainment system!!! Use the plastic tags from your loaves for bread to color code (or color code + label) the chords coming from your power strip. 

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