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Bonkers Over Bathrooms

Did you know that the average person spends 3 months of its life sitting on the toilet??

And that 70% of house guests snoop through people's cabinets and drawers?!


That is just one of many things we do not want to know about our bathrooms. If your bathroom wasn't clean, would you want house guests using your restroom? And how would the attention to detail describe you? Thanks to human progress we no longer need a sewer goddess or toilet god, like in Ancient Rome, in order to clear our bathrooms of unpleasant spirits! (I know right?) Adorable House will do it for you! Not sure any house cleaning is complete without at least touching the bathroom. Our housekeepers can do a standard general clean or provide a deeper cleaning to include your cabinets interior. 

Adorable Tips:

Use a color code system for your towels / hand towels in the bathroom. This way your family members don't pass their germs around the house. This promotes good hygiene and complements the rest of your clean bathroom.

Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor of microbiology at University of Arizona in Tucson, would advise to always flush the toilet with the lid down. Water vapor from your toilet erupts from the bowl of the after flushing.

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