Commercial Cleaning Services

Think about this for a moment. No arriving early or staying late to:


Empty trash.

Clean and stock the restrooms.

Mop the break-room.


Vacuum the floors.


Office Managers need to organize office operations and procedures, prepare payroll, design filing systems, review and approve supply requisitions, assign, and monitor clerical functions.

 And, that's why Adorable House is here for you!


Office Cleaning Services

This means that during these times, cleanliness is not the only component of commercial cleaning that must be monitored. The lack sanitation or disinfection of office spaces and common areas influence productivity costs. According to the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (2019), Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimated “absences due to illness,”  to cost employers over $17 billion in lost productivity during the 2019 Flu Season.

We are working towards a process that addresses cleanliness and infectious airborne diseases in the workplace and in our schools, decreasing sick days and increasing productivity with periodic disinfection services during the flu season.

Sometimes spills may occur or traffics areas become soiled, which absorbs or adheres to floor surfaces and carpet fiber. At Adorable House, we feel professional office cleaning services should be able to cover flooring and carpet cleaning that returns the affected areas to operational ready use. Adorable House offers a low moisture Encapsulation Cleaning process that removes unwanted soils from commercial Olefin / Polypropylene or Nylon carpet fibers and produces fast drying times.

Janitorial services for commercial application assume the same guidelines. At anytime a firm can request to have deeper janitorial cleaning services performed i.e., kitchen / restroom cabinets break-room refrigerator.

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 One-time & First Time Cleaning

  • ensuring the security system is on and working upon arrival and exit

  • emptying the trash / replacing can liners

  • high /medium / low dust work and common areas

  • dry/wet dusting desks, chairs, and office space

  • dry/wet dusting employee workspace

  • dry/wet dusting electronics ie., monitors, keyboards

  • cleaning and sanitizing common areas

  • interior windows

  • floors vacuum and mop

  • cleaning of common areas, i.e., restroom, break room and kitchen

  • toilets, sinks, mirrors

  • Inside windows 

  • and much more...