Adorable House Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services, In a Nutshell...

Here is the outline of home & office cleaning services that we currently provide:

These cleans packages are strictly for residential or family dwellings i.e., Houses, Apartments and Duplexes. 

These housekeeping jobs are:

  • Move In / Move Out

  • Extreme Clean

  • Deep Clean

  • Spring Clean

  • Scheduled / Recurring Clean

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Adorable house cleaners are trained, background checked, clean and trustworthy.

Adorable House Cleaning Company typically performs small office cleaning jobs. This includes many of the common areas of the office i.e, kitchen and bathroom.


  • One-time General Clean

  • One-time Extreme Clean

  • Scheduled Clean

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Offices are either stocked by Adorable House or the firm hiring the janitorial service. 

Some Specifics:

Professional Cleaning Price Considerations

All jobs, regardless of category, have a three hour minimum. General Cleans must meet this requirement in order to be qualified for cleaning services.

Adorable House  may use different cleaning service estimations contingent on what best suites any particular need or situation.

The most common way we determine, which method of estimation to use, we take into consideration:

  • Size of job i.e., square footage, level of clean needed, location

  • Number of personnel required

  • Time for completion i.e, estimated finish time, date(s) selected for service

  • Cost(s) i.e., mileage, materials

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