Carpet Cleaning 

Cleaning carpet is a more detailed job function than most are aware of. Typically, a customer
can connect the dots on, water, detergent and the rental machine that probable offers a little
agitation. However, there is a lack of regard testing for fiber identification, chemistry, pre-
agitation, pre-treatments and drying times, Luckily, Adorable House Carpet Cleaners have
knowledgeable expertise and training through each stage of the carpet cleaning process.

Adorable House Carpet Cleaners are Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)
certified and trained in restorative carpet cleaning. Our goal is the removal of all undesirable
substances through a combination of chemistry, agitation, heat and time. Some carpet cleaning
techniques rely on creating chemical changes or physical changes in order to allow these soils
to free-flow away from carpet fibers without harming the materials, which the undesirables
attach to, while some techniques may use enzymes to cause biological reactions.

We Currently Offer 2 Methods of Soil Removal:

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction is a method of dissolving water soluble soils into a liquid using up to 500
PSI heated H20 and extracting the remaining solution from the face yarn / carpet backings with
up to 228 inches of water lift. Removing the injected mixture of water and detergents is just as
important as the act of injection itself. The ability to effectively and safely removed the mixtures
affect drying times. Think it as a method of hot detergent solution, high pressure, soil is
suspended and wet vacuuming occurs to remove soils and excess moisture.
Because, hot water extraction requires a high level of moisture drying times will differ somewhat
from some of lower moisture methods. We suggest working with us at least 12 hours prior to the
scheduled clean to ensure temperature and moisture is somewhat under control before we
arrive. A combination of temperature control, humidity mitigation and vertical air movers help us to obtain a drying goal of 4-6 hours after initial cleaning.


Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a low-moisture method and excellent option when you need to
get the carpet operational ready. Hotels, businesses or other office spaces may need a fast and
effective way of removing unwanted soils for the various carpet types and return the carpet to a
state of operational readiness quickly. Residents may also use this method instead of Hot Water
Extraction (HWE) reducing the wait time for allowing animals and kiddos to run amuck.
Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning uses detergents that turn soil into a crystal or film. Due to the
fact that encapsulation detergents use very little liquid for more oily soils, additional soil removal
can be achieved by further dry-vacuuming in the future. Encapsulation pre-sprays can be used
in conjunction with the Hot Water Extraction.(HWE) to achieve a higher quality clean.
Sometimes the soils in the carpet fibers may need greater agitation that a mere vacuum and

may require use of a counter rotating brush machine that can run 470 RPM, plus Hot Water
Extraction (HWE). Drying goal is less than that of Hot Water Extraction Methods.

Adorable House offers realtors and investors single source cleaning services with affordable
cleaning prices. The ability to obtain cleaning services and carpet cleaning reduces the need to
shop around and deal with multiple entities.


Family homes and apartments also take advantage adding a Carpet Cleaning in with any
cleaning package at competitive market prices. For example, a family of 3 who also enjoys Bi-
weekly Home Cleaning services can add carpet cleaning at any time.


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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"I just bought my first home and wanted to get a deep clean and a carpet cleaning done before I started moving in (especially with COVID). I asked for recommendations from my Facebook friends and my realtor, and Adorable House came highly recommended. They did not disappoint! They offered a move-in extreme cleaning service that was exactly what I wanted, as well as carpet cleaning. They also offered a move out cleaning service that was perfect for my old apartment! It was super convenient having all three things done by the same company, and they proactively offered me a discount for multiple services. Oh, and they were able to come out and start the very next day after I called! Super responsive and right on time too.

As for their work itself, it is of stupendous quality! They far exceeded my expectations! I was also treated exceedingly fairly, got a guided tour of the work after it was done, and was asked if there was anything that I didn't feel was done to my satisfaction (there wasn't). Prices were very reasonable, and I knew exactly what they would be up front, no games or tricks.

I know times are tough with COVID right now, and we have to pick and choose the services we can afford carefully. I can only tell you that if you need professional cleaners who offer several different services at a good price, and will treat you fairly, you can't do better than the folks at Adorable House. I like to leave good reviews when they are earned, and this one definitely was!

Thanks to the Adorable House team for getting me ready to move-in this weekend. I am excited!!!"

- E. Reep (Adorable Client)