Additional Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing

Power away outside grime with 1500 PSI of kinetic energy!  Dirt, dust, webs and even left over barbecue gunk doesn’t stand a chance. Use this professional power wash on patio surfaces , driveways, pools and housing siding. When used the right way, even decks and old windows can be treated. Power washing removes more than the dirt tearing away at siding, it also works to treat mold, mildew and algae quickly and efficiently. Materials such as Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum and Steel are immediate candidates that improve with through treatments. Pressure Washing uses up to 80% less wasteful in water usage than your hose and packs a bigger punch. Leave your biggest investment looking brilliant and refreshing.

Pressure Washer on Stairs
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning 

Currently, Adorable House offers Interior Window Cleaning that can be added on to General Cleaning packages at any time. Window washing can be enjoyed year round, especially during dark and cloudy days. Too much sunlight and hot temperatures could cause the resulting solution of detergent and dirty soils to dry faster than needed . Larger windows and sliding doors can be squeegeed for maximal support fully removing the dirty particulates where they accumulate, eliminating smudges and streaking. Latex paint can easily be removed safely without damaging the window surfaces. Ask how window cleaning works for your home or apartment today!


Stove and oven duty are quite the task. Without the proper tools and expertise one could spend a considerable amount of time and effort scrubbing at unwanted soils and oils. Most of the mess present has undergone a chemical change and is an absolute nightmare to clean away. Hoods, microwaves and refrigerators are also included in the category of “I’ll do it later.” Adorable House treats appliances with grease cutters and other professional equipment if needed. Mainly seen in Move Out specials, appliance cleaning can be added on to any package at anytime. All we need is a heads up!

oven cleaning.jpg


We get that sometimes you may need a little extra help in the kitchen sink, so naturally dishes made their way to additional services. We find that some customers are specifically interested in someone help with dishes and typically they are preceded by an event like Thanksgiving or party. Relax and let us take care of the mess. This services can be added on to any general or recurring service at any time. Adorable Housekeepers are on the job!

Trash Removal

We sometimes arrive on jobs to see that some trash may still be present in the home or apartment after a move out or post-construction work. Adorable House focuses on cleaning services, but from time to have to help with trash removal services. Trash removal would only pertain to small to medium size objects and do not include heavy items such as beds, cabinets, desk, chairs or other items that would require lifting of over 50 pounds. Also, taken into consideration are jobs that require a high level of risk to housekeepers to include human waste, DNA or other biological factors that display a clear and present danger.

Residential Garbage

Mold Removal - (Coming Soon)

Adorable House is working with leading industry experts to bring professional mold removal services to our customers. We expect to launch this segment soon! Keep a lookout of updates.